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INTRODUCTION                                                                top

       BFG  is  a  resource  explorer for games. It mostly concentrates on the
       Doom and Quake series. BFG allows to preview and visualize all kind  of
       resources included in game levels.

       BFG is free software (free means that the program can be used, studied,
       copied, modified and redistributed) and is available under the terms of
       the  GNU  General Public License, which ensures that copies and deriva-
       tive works of this program will remain free.

NEWS                                                               calendar|top
       This section is a journal about the BFG project.    January  
                                                           February 04|20
                                                           May      15

   MAY 15TH: Well, as you see, nothing yet released. Hmmmmm....
             Don't have much time with work + studies + the coming summer.
             Pretty bad excuse, heh? Absolutly!
             But heh, I haven't given up. Actually I have some code
             in my computer and I need to find more time and put that into
             CVS. This project starts slowly, but it will go on!


   Feb 20th, 2005       Objectives for version 0.0.1                       news

       planned release date
       March 3rd 2005

       package bfg::idstruct / bfg_idstruct library
       bfg::idstruct  is  a module that will contain data structures "compati-
       ble" with Doom and Quake and contains methods to manipulate  game  ele-
       ments.  In  this first version, bfg will support wad (doom 1 and 2) and
       pak (quake 1) archive formats. The idea  is  to  package  bfg::idstruct
       into a shared library (named bfg_idstruct).

       bfg command line tools
       bfg can be used from the command line. Actually, in first versions, bfg
       will only be used from the command line or as shared librairies.  Based
       on  the  bfg_idstruct library, and also on boost_filesystem, the coming
       0.0.1 version will include 'ls' and 'unpack'  which  will  respectively
       list  and  extract  resource  files  contained  in doom/quake archives.
       Future versions are likely to introduce more utilities to create  those
       archives and to help to treat archives as a filesystem (by creating bfg
       commands like cp, mv, rm, ...)! Tools are available  through  the  main
       executable  (bfg  ls  ...),  but may also be available with a shortened
       name (for instance bls, bunpack) in next version 0.0.2!

       bfg will use boost to extend C++ power.  In  addition,  bfg::util  will
       group  a few other helper classes and facilities. They might not all be
       needed, but I am going to integrate mature stuff already now.

       about code documentation
       I  will  use  doxygen  to  generate  online documentation for the code.
       Proper document may not be available for version  0.0.1,  but  will  be
       ready for all future version.

       about my development environment
       * an old PC Pentium1 166Mhz with 32Mb RAM
       * Damn Small Linux
       * zile (tiny emacs-like editor), make, cvs, g++ (now v3.3.4)

   Feb  4th, 2005           Sourceforge account has been created           news
       Here is the BFG project page.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                                  top

    This FAQ section is actually used to write remarks, the current status of
    BFG and to set some directions for future developments.

    Q: What games are supported?
       How much is currently implemented?

    A: Not much! Actually, nothing! The project has just started!
       The project will have a slow pace but I am motivated to develop it.
       The first version will be a command-line version only and will focus on
       reading and opening Quake1 and DooM1 archives and extracting files from
       those archives.
       Addendum: Please read new from February 20th.

    Q: By the way, what does BFG mean?

    A: BFG has several meanings:
       First, BFG9000 is the most lethal weapon in DooM. In that context BFG is
       usually said to stand for Big F*cking Gun. 

       BFG could also be the acronym for Bloatware For Gamers. The application
       emphasizes good design and portability, so some people will think it is
       bloatware *smiley*. Well, even games are bloatware nowadays (except perhaps
       Wolfenstein 5K). Anyway, you certainly remember that even though the
       BFG9000 is very powerful, it is also resource hungry and has latency
       problems *smiley*

       Finally, if you are a geek, you probably enjoy recursive acronyms. Then,
       BFG can also mean BFG Feels Good! *smiley*


DOCUMENTATION                                                     directory|top

       * BFG source code documentation                      not yet available

       * Unofficial Quake1 Specs (v3.4, 1996)               local |

LINKS                                                                       top

       My HomePage

       FreeDoom: Free WAD replacement for Doom
       The Peoples Doom, idem


       Doom Wiki
       Unofficial Quake 3 Map Specs

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